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When we named it Tribus, we didn’t realize how much meaning it will gain throughout the years. Now a whole decade later, the Tribe has changed but the path is always forward.  We started in Altea, in a small kitchen with a can-do attitude, two overconfident young adults learning many things at once, loving food and dealing with the heat!

But now we have taken a steer to the right, we have realized the power of food in so many levels and decided to use it to do good, to raise awareness and bring some balance to our community. It wasn’t easy starting again, but we are richer now than before, we have a better connection with our business and our customers.

Why many places are doing the vegan thing? Because there is a link between being happy and being kind, we work long hours, we don’t have time to do much; our industry is brutal at times. So this way, we can fulfill ourselves through our work, we can find a better life simply by offering better.

             is the head chef/owner of Tribus Cafe and 

Costa Vegana. British citizen born and Indonesia, his background has been a life of travel as an expat 

kid. A life spend in Asia, Europe and North America, finishing his training in San Diego Culinary School, he worked his way to Executive Sous chef for the 

internationally known chain Thai Foon. Searching to broad his knowledge and to go back on the road, he joined The Goo Goo Dolls and then, Counting 

Crows throughout the United States on tour. 

Shortly after, he joined the Pink European tour, 

cooking three meals a day for the entire staff and 

backstage with a team of only four chefs.  When he finally settled down in Spain, the arrival of his first 

son led him to open his business, Tribus, which has been a success since day one, mostly due the 

constant change and evolution of the philosophy 

and its offering. His talents in Asian cookery, 

his layers of flavour and bold cooking style have 

captured his clients. 


               is a baker, food photographer and manager at Costa Vegana. Her roots are basically the 

opposite of Neil’s, born and raised in Buenos Aires, her background is the big Italian family.

Her element is flour, pastas, cakes, breads, pizzas 

and anything within the comfort zone. At nineteen years old she got on a plane to Spain and has 

enjoyed life in the sun since then, learning how to make food the old fashion way, from total scratch 

and with ethical awareness.