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We cater for your retreat. Nothing we enjoy more than stepping out of our kitchen to cook delicious food for your guests. We understand the importance of preserving good vibes for your attendees to relax, we strive to flow and come and go without disrupting the peace. Our plant-based meals are perfect for any retreat, as we adapt to the theme or aim. For Yoga and wellness retreats, we have an unmatchable selection of healthy and yummy meals, brunches, breakfasts and snack to keep the energy and make the experience memorable, after all, we want them to come back or recommend us! We also have a variety of other cuisines and styles to make it groovy and diverse. 

Food is one of the most important aspects of any retreat and event along with activities. It will stick in people's mind and linger long after the time has passed. We do not only wish to feed, we wish to nourish the soul, which needs more than foods, it needs good energy. Food can make or break your retreat! Do not cut corners where it matters the most. 

We create presentations that you can use on your webpage or platform to advertise the food, to entice and bring the image of your retreat up with tasteful design and professional photography. We, as well, advertize your retreat on our platforms. 

We know just how stressful organizing these type of events can be! We have done it before and attention to details is at the most important. So why not relax leaving a major aspect into good, professional hands? Our favorite sport is to blow people's mind with amazing, wholesome and ethical food and we accept any challenge. 

We love what we do. We thank you for reading and thinking of us. 

Check out photos of our retreats!